Katee is 2.

On: Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Our Chinese Princess turned 2 on Sunday. It's bittersweet, really. We were jumping for joy at the chance to celebrate our treasured daughter's first birthday at home. Yet, as I was preparing for her special day, my mind often wandered as I thought about her birth mother in China. Surely she was remembering the child she birthed just 24 months ago and the harsh reality with which she was faced. All I could do was pray for her . . . pray that she hears the Gospel and responds and that we are all united in heaven some day. And that in the mean time, she knows in her heart Katee is so, so cherished and loved.

At 2 years old, you are beginning to understand you are home. Forever. I love to hear you say that word: "home". Every time we drive home you spot our house through the trees and joyfully exclaim, "Home!!" It makes me smile to see your excitement about returning home.

At 2, you are learning who your family is. When you wake up in the morning, you run through every family member's name and wonder where they are or what they are doing. "Calla? WeeWee (Ori)? Baba (Daddy)?" You smile and wave your hands when you come downstairs and see your sister and brother. You are also learning to share mama. That was a big challenge when you first came home! You wanted mommy 100% of the time and would cry, cry, cry if I was with your brother or sister and not holding you. Now, you understand that Mommy loves all of you and will either keep playing if I am holding Calla or will share my lap. I am so thankful you are learning to trust us.

At 2 years old, you are also trusting us with food. No more fits about trying new things. Daddy always tells you that mommy makes good food and you usually willingly finish most of your plate instead of shaking your head or crying.  Unfortunately, your favorite foods are not very healthy choices: chicken nuggets, noodles, and pop corn. You still love your snacks, but are now on the same snack schedule as Ori and Calla instead of constantly needing your pink snack cup at all times. ;)

At 2, your favorite things include: being outside, going on walks in your stroller, snack time, rides on Daddy's back, books, dancing to music, camping out on blankets with Ori and Calla, pushing little cars and "choo choos", and playing with little toy animals. Your birthday presents were big hits! You received a Littlest Pet Shop guinea pig and a Melissa and Doug car transporter.

At 2, you know how to make your opinions known. (In the picture above I was getting quite the glare for not giving you more frosting after you licked it all off your cookie!) The three things that you throw fits about generally consist of: shoes (you want to wear shoes so badly!), clothes (if you think Calla's outfit is pretty you scream and pull on it, wanting it for yourself!), and mama time.

You are a bright one, Katee. You seem to have a deep understanding of things. Daddy and I feel like we exchange knowing looks with you. You understand what we tell you and are learning so many English words. Your physical therapist always tells me that speech is not going to be an issue with you, and I have to agree with her.

 At 2, you are getting so much stronger! Right when you turned 2, you learned how to crawl with your arms straight instead of just an army crawl. We have been working and working on it and are so proud of you. I love your determination and know you will do many things in this life. This year will be a big one, medically speaking. You will spend much of it in casts (so sorry, Baby!), will probably face a couple surgeries, but in the end we all believe you will walk. We will be your biggest cheerleaders, Katee!

At 2 years old, you are a treasured, chosen, and dearly loved daughter. You changed our lives and our family for the better and we are so thankful God gave us the gift of you.


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Julie said...

What a sweet post! It broke my heart to think of Katee's birth mom. Thank you for praying for her. I, too, will pray for her to know the Gospel so that heaven will be a sweet reunion for all of you. It is so fun to see her transformations already. Praise the Lord!

Julie said...

(her = Katee in the transformation comment :)

The Sieberts said...

:) smile

Sharon said...

So sweet! Happy Birthday Katee! I love that little glare-such personality.

Mum2twopreciousgifts said...

The first pic of Katee with her cake is GORGEOUS. Her smile looks SO contented. She is so Blessed to be a party of your family. Keep up the posts as it is WONDERFUL to see how well she is doing and how grown up Ori and Calla look.

Michelle from Australia :)

Anonymous said...

That is so sweet! Blessing on this new year.

Selena said...

How precious... tears are flowing down my cheeks as I rejoice with Katee and her forever family. I am truly enjoying following your family's story, and I thank you for sharing them with us!

I look forward to seeing sweet Katee's progress, and am excited that she is crawling! :)

Blessings to your family!

Toni :O) said...

Happy 2nd Birthday to your precious angel. She has a beautiful smile and I love her sitting at her cake with that smile...gorgeous! Blessings in this next year, she's going to do GREAT!

Bridget said...

The video of Katee made me cry tears of joy - to see her responding to her Mommy! What a blessing. Happy birthday Katee!

Anonymous said...

feliiiiz cumpleaƱos katee!! happy birthday from argentina!! its a beautiful baby!!


Mandy said...

Happy Birthday Miss Katee! Love the red casts...that's what Joshua has right now, too!

And I know exactly what you mean about it being a bittersweet day. Our prayers have been the same ones you are praying & trusting that He will lead them to Him. I believe our prayers for them are one of the 'good things ' that He is working from this (Rom 8:28).

Tera said...

Loved this! Love hearing more of her personality. She reminds me so much of Brielle-- facial expressions and hair color I think. Praying for her birth family.

Amy said...

She is sooo sweet, Julie!! I love the little voices cheering her on in the background! Go, Katee! :)

kristin said...

what a wonderful celebration!

and hi julie, it's me, your wal mart friend. : )

Janice Walker said...

Eeeeks. I love her. And I love you. Happy birthday to your princess.