Washi tape in Guangzhou

On: Sunday, January 13, 2013

I didn't finish all of my China trip posts. Oops. Playing a little catch-up here.

After reading Ashley Ann's post on finding washi tape in Guangzhou, I knew I wanted to try to get some tape too. I have some pretty crafty friends who supported me throughout our adoption journey, and I'm honestly not sure what I would have done without them during those months of waiting. Washi tape would serve as a small token of my thanks to them. :)

In China, I emailed Victor from Somitape and he gave us directions to the showroom. China1112_4517
Our cab driver dropped us off in a district that was kind of like a Home Depot only with lots of individual shops (plumbing, flooring, tools, etc.). We walked around a little bit, but had no trouble finding Victor's showroom.

Victor was so hospitable and incredibly kind. Katee was a bit grumpy that day, but Victor cheered her up by letting her pick out her very own roll of tape.

There were shelves of washi tape. All of it was so very pretty. I just kept grabbing and grabbing and filled up a good sized box.

I "accidentally" grabbed some tape from this box too before I learned that it held the "bad tape." Victor thoroughly checked each roll of tape before I purchased them to ensure they were all perfect.

We had a very nice visit to Somitape; if you visit Guangzhou, you should go too. :)

Ian wasn't sure about all the tape I bought, but he loved exploring a different part of Guanghzhou and taking pictures.

I, however, am using my tape on lots of things . . . like our Christmas cards (which I never finished sending out). I loved that our first family picture with Katee was embellished with tape from China. Pretty special if you ask me.

6 comments on "Washi tape in Guangzhou"

The Sieberts said...

oh! i wondered where you got that fun tape for your cards! what a fun store!

Tera said...

I loved that post by Ashley Ann too!! I had never even heard of Wasabi tape or whatever it is until I followed her blog! Love it!

Janice Walker said...

LOVE that you used it on your Christmas card! So special!

Mindy Harris said...

swoon, miss julie! oh my word i would have been in heaven! is it cheaper there than here.
WOW. i love this story.

Teri S said...

I am so jealous! Its a good thing I have not gone because there would not be a bag big enough to hold everything I would buy. Not to mention that I would have to leave my clothing behind in order to fill my luggage with all the craft goodies! What were the prices like?

Anonymous said...

Hello,is this the same as washitape.cn? Or could you post victor's email?