Not today {and a medical update}

On: Tuesday, January 8, 2013

When I first shared about Katee's special need (click here), I mentioned that we wouldn't see a specialist until January. Well, that all changed when our pediatrician noticed a problem with Katee's left hip joint. We got an x-ray and learned that her left hip is dislocated. I was very surprised by that "new" information and we went ahead and sought the opinion of an orthopedic specialist right away.

Arhthrogyposis can affect every joint of the body, so the fact that her hip is dislocated is not unusual with her condition. The specialist, Dr. O., wants to watch her grow a little before deciding whether or not to do hip surgery. He felt like the first thing to do was to re-cast her feet and get them into a better position. He also said he would be surprised if she did NOT walk. That was so good for my mommy heart to hear!

We scheduled her first casting for today, January 8th. I thought I would be saying goodbye to her tiny, squishy feet this morning, but it will not be today after all. Sickness invaded our home yesterday and we were not well enough to make the three-hour trip (especially not knowing whether or not Katee would catch this nasty bug!).

Just for fun, here is Katee in her casts while in China. She received a series of 8 casts beginning at 5 months of age and her feet were reasonably corrected, but are regressing.
So while Katee's feet/legs should be in casts right now, they are not. It's a bit of a bummer as Ian and I were ready to get her on the path to mobility and had the trip planned out.

However, I AM looking forward to . . .
two more weeks of close snuggles with my cuddle-bug. She is getting a tad bit more independent during the day, but still likes to be held a lot. Early on, I remember texting another adoptive mom about how hard it was to constantly hold Katee. She texted back and reminded me that soon Katee would be in casts or recovering from surgery and that it would be more difficult to hold her close and challenged me to enjoy those snuggles now. I haven't forgotten those words!

two more weeks of normal baths for Katee. Katee's referral paperwork noted that bath-time was her favorite. It continues to be a time of good bonding, giggles, and fun for Miss Katee. So thankful we don't have to move to sponge baths quite yet!

two more weeks of Katee getting used to her crib before she goes through a procedure. Katee has been sleeping in our bed since the time we were in China. I have never been a co-sleeping parent, but with adoption you just have to do things a little different. ;) We are earning Katee's trust and part of that involves responding to her cries quickly in the night. She needs to know we are there. However, she tends to rest (or push) her feet against one of us and often smacks daddy in the face; we knew that once those casts were on it was going to be pretty uncomfortable for all of us. Taking the advice of another adoptive mom, we put Katee's crib at the end of our bed and we sleep with our heads at the foot of our bed so that we are right there. Katee has slept in her crib for three nap-times and two bed-times and is doing great!

two more weeks of helping her learn to use her legs and feet. The kids inherited this little motorcycle from Ian's Granny. It turned out to be the perfect size for Katee and she is able to use her right foot/leg to make it move! I am so proud of her. Now if she could only figure out how to steer . . .

We would appreciate your prayers for our girl as she begins her first round of casting on January 22. Please pray her feet would respond to the casting so that we can avoid surgery. Happy Tuesday!

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Amy said...

Goodness she's a cute little thing! My hip was dislocated when I was born. The doctors didn't discover it until I was 11 months old and wasn't walking. They did surgery and I was in traction for awhile, then a body cast, then a brace after that. It's amazing to hear my mom tell stories about taking care of me (and a 3 year old sister) during that time.

Mandy said...

Joshua has been in casts since the beginning of November. We were taken by surprise that they casted him on his first visit, so it is good you've had a little mental preparation!

As for the hasn't decreased Joshua's snuggliness one bit. He was determined to crawl into a position where he could still snuggle and it's just as sweet (albeit 'hard' in the rock hard leg sense)! He has adapted well to having them on and enjoys his sponge baths, praise God!

One thing we learned the hard way...give her Tylenol before they cast her (30 minutes or so). There is some soreness that usually occurs the first couple of days after getting the casts on and the Tylenol, Ibuprofen, & Tylenol w/ Codeine have helped with that! It might take her a few days to figure out how to sleep with the casts on, too, so you might not plan much for the day or two after castings in case you and she don't get a full night's sleep those first couple of nights.

I can say that the castings have just become our new normal now and, even though he's 'bulkier' it isn't too bad. Just don't let those casts pinch your fingers! Ouch!

Praying for quick healing for your family and successful castings!

In Him,

Anonymous said...

Are you seeing Dr. Olney? He is the best! We will be praying for you.

Toni :O) said...

Prayers coming your way, she's going to do great! I was in casts for the first three months of my life (I'm 42 now) due to reverse club foot. I have some knee and hip issues that I'm dealing with as I got older but as a kid, I was fine. Hang in there and God bless your sweet family.

Sarah said...

You are being flooded with prayers! She is so adorable!!

Tera said...

I wondered if the sickies would keep you home. I do think you will enjoy these next two weeks though! The picture of her kissing your cheek brought tears to my eyes. Such a sweetie!

Leggio said...

She is PURE CUTENESS!!!!! Praying that yall feel better soon and that Katee does well with her castings.

Julie said...

Love you, Julie. Praying for you all!

Lori GOebel said...

We see Dr. O as well, and I really like and respect him as a doctor. Prayers that Katee responds well to her casts.