Family Christmas {2012}

On: Friday, January 4, 2013

Christmas was extra special this year as our little family of 5 was together. I remembered the longing in my heart last Christmas as I ached for our son or daughter to be home. At this time a year ago, we had yet to see Katee's sweet face . . .  and this year she was in our arms and engaged in the Christmas season.

Katee knew just what to do with presents and loved opening her packages. Her first gift from us was a box of snacks from China. Our girl loves her snacks and was quite delighted.

She would have been happy snacking all evening, I think, but we couldn't let her devour all of her special snacks in one night. ;)

Katee's "big gift" was a Littlest Pet Shop tree house. We weren't sure what to get her, as we are still figuring her out. We knew there was a tree house at New Hope that she liked and we noticed that she liked to play with little things . . . thankfully, she really likes her treehouse.

Calla also showed great enthusiasm for her gifts. Love her spirit!

The kids got lots of little things from China this year (a couple movies, books, pens, paper tablets, etc.).

Calla's favorite gift was a wooden bead/necklace kit. Good idea, Daddy!

Ori felt so grown-up when he received a tool box with real tools. He is jumping to help Daddy with every possible project these days.

It was a sweet evening together. We have much to celebrate.

(And I can't leave out Ian. He was happy with his new wallet.)

4 comments on "Family Christmas {2012}"

Marc, Sarah, Luke, and Kate said...

Looks like a wonderful Christmas as a family of 5!!!! My dad has started building Luke's "real" tool collection. Last year, Marc had to put away the pliers as he was "fixing" the dining room table. Fortunately, he's grown up, and he too can help his dad. These boys are growing up (Sniff Sniff)....

Leggio said...

Such a precious time!!!!! So glad you are home with your sweet girl this Christmas.

Tera said...

So glad you were able to enjoy this precious time with your family all together! BTW- if I haven't told you before, I just love your old house with all it's character...reminds me a lot of my sister's house that was built around 1910 I believe.

Toni :O) said...

So many precious memories! How wonderful as a family of five as well, such blessings!